What pandemic? Inside Boston’s scorching VC summer

Filled with development laboratories, co-working trainees and areas, Boston has a lots of entrepreneurial attributes baked into its DNA.

However, when the coronavirus swept through the nation, the location’s start-up scene was stress-tested as severely as other entrepreneurial centers. Could Boston’s start-ups still flourish without the city’’ s robust in-person environments?

Last month, we addressed this concern broadly : Boston-area start-ups raised $3.7 billion in Q2, according to CB insights , a figure we hailed as ““ record equity capital financial investment in the duration.” ”


But while top-level, quarterly information works directionally, it can gloss over illustrative dips and peaks. In 2020, things altered quick.

So, for this month’’ s Boston-focused column, we took a look at the city’’ s equity capital information on a month-by-month basis to respond to the concern, “How did the pandemic effect deal-making in the city?”

New PitchBook information reveal that Boston-area start-ups saw an equity capital dip after March through April, 2 early pandemic months here in the United States. May and the list below months more than made up for the decrease. Boston-area start-ups raised more personal capital throughout summer season 2020 than they did in summertime 2019, recommending that the pandemic and its occurring financial and technological modifications have not injure the location start-ups in aggregate, however rather supplied a net benefit.

.Inside Boston’’ s rough equity capital summer season.

Let’’ s begin with a take a look at the information in chart type. We asked PitchBook for a take a look at Boston’’ s endeavor results on a regular monthly basis because 2019.

Image Credits: Data and chart by means of PitchBook.

Looking at personal capital information for Boston-based business, we see that December was a really strong month compared to the rest of Q4 2019, however that it was likewise quickly bested by January. February and March were more peaceful, leading us into the pandemic period. Remarkably, April wasn’’ t a total mess with more than $1 billion in funds invested. May published a sharp enhancement in dollar terms, and June was most importantly months in the year up until now.