Russia Is Boosting Trump’s War on Mail Voting with a Disinformation Campaign

A brand-new intelligence report produced by the Department of Homeland Security forecasts the Russian federal government will “continue magnifying criticisms of vote-by-mail and moving ballot procedures in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic to weaken public rely on the electoral procedure.”

The finding recommends that Russia is currently taken part in a project to damage faith in the ballot system at the very same time that President Donald Trump has actually made comparable claims for comparable intentions, with the help of Attorney General Bill Barr and other advocates.

.Russia is “most likely to promote claims of corruption, system failure, and foreign malign disturbance to plant wonder about.”.

The activity explained by the report follows the playbook utilized throughout the 2016 election disturbance project: Find and worsen existing cracks in domestic United States discourse and society to create chaos.

When it concerns the now hot-button problem of mail ballot, the report alerts that “Russian state media, proxies, and Russian-controlled social networks giants are most likely to promote accusations of corruption, system failure, and foreign malign disturbance to plant mistrust in democratic organizations and election results.”

The September 3 report, entitled “Russia Likely to Continue Seeking to Undermine Faith in United States Electoral Process,” discusses that the general public dispute around vote by mail “represents a target for foreign malign impact operations” that look for to “weaken faith in the electoral procedure by spreading out disinformation” about vote by mail elections.

The report comes the week after a group of senior federal intelligence and police authorities informed press reporters in a confidential instruction that they have actually not seen any proof of foreign countries attempting to control mail tallies, as declared by Barr and Trump .

A DHS representative did not right away react to an ask for discuss the report, which was tweeted out by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Thursday afternoon.