Roasted Turnips – Only 4 Ingredients!

Oven-roasted turnips are the ideal side meal to any meal! This dish is basic with simply turnips, salt &&pepper and a little bit of olive oil/butter.

Turnips are pale and white purple in color with a taste like a moderate radish. Roasting highlights terrific taste and they’re so simple to make!

 Roasted Turnips in a white bowl with garnish

Gone are the old days of boring boiled turnips! Roasting veggies includes fantastic color and taste while protecting the nutrients.

These are pleasantly low carbohydrate and chock filled with fiber and Vitamin C!

 turnips on a marble table prior to making Roasted Turnips

.Ingredients &&Variations.


They have a moderate taste so they can be roasted with other root veggies. Attempt carrots, beets, or parsnips!


Even though this dish is relatively standard with butter, olive oil, sage, and salt and pepper, wear’’ t hesitate to attempt utilizing oregano, and even rosemary.


Unlike roasted beets (which are much easier peeled after cooking), turnips are much easier peeled prior to cooking.

.Cut off the leading and the root with a great sharp knife.Utilizing a potato peeler or a paring knife, peel from leading to bottom. That’s all there is to it!

 including components to turnips to make Roasted Turnips

.How to Roast Turnips.

Roasting turnips is as simple as 1-2-3!

.Peel and cut turnips into similarly sized pieces so they roast equally.Toss turnips with staying components (other than for the butter) and location in a ready casserole meal.Roast till the turnips hurt and after that toss them with butter and serve right away.How to Store and Reheat.If they are in an airtight container, #ppppp> Turnips are quickly kept for up to 4 days in the fridge. They can even be frozen and taken out whenever the requirement for a low-carb, healthy side meal remains in order!

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.  leading view of Roasted Turnips on a white plate with a spoon Simple Roasted Turnips. These Roasted Turnips are crispy on the completely skilled and outdoors! Course Side DishCuisine American. Preparation Time 10 minutesCook Time 30 minutesTotal Time 40 minutes.Portions 4. Calories 83. Author Holly Nilsson. Ingredients1 ½pounds turnips cut and peeled into bite sized pieces2 teaspoons olive oil ⅛ teaspoon ground sagekosher salt &pepper to taste 2 teaspoons butter. InstructionsPreheat oven to 425 ° F.Toss turnips with olive oil, pepper.roast, sage &salt 30-35 minutes or up until tender.Remove from the oven, toss with butter and season to taste. NotesIf you cut the turnips a bit bigger, they will require longer to prepare. Smaller sized pieces will prepare a bit much faster. NutritionCalories: 83|Carbohydrates: 11g|Protein: 2g|Fat: 4g |Hydrogenated Fat: 2g|Cholesterol: 5mg|Salt: 132mg|Potassium: 325mg|Fiber: 3g|Sugar: 6g|Vitamin A: 62IU|Vitamin C: 36mg|Calcium: 51mg|Iron: 1mg.  Roasted Turnips on a plate with garnish and a spoon with a title  close up of Roasted Turnips on a flat pan with composing Roasted Turnips on a plate with garnish and a title components in a glass bowl and completed Roasted Turnips on a plate with composing