Mom’s Hand Sanitizer Catches Fire, Giving Her Severe Burns & Setting House Aflame!

This is a scary story for the coronavirus age if we’’ ve ever heard one!

A single mom of 3 is struggling with serious burns after an event with off-brand hand sanitizer (pictures listed below, however CONTENT WARNING for graphic images.).

After stating goodnight to her 3 children, Kate Wise placed on hand sanitizer (which she purchased to protect from COVID-19) and went to light a candle light when her hand ignited. In an extremely regrettable series of occasions, the flames then reached the sanitizer bottle itself, triggering “a bomb-like surge.”

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Wise described to regional CBS affiliate KHOU:

” It can be something as little as lighting a candle light. Since of the hand sanitizer, it simply lit my entire … … all over I had hand sanitizer on my hand, it simply lit my hand with fire. … And it certainly went all over my face. And, in like a matter of 5 seconds, my entire body was simply consumed in flames.”

According to KHOU, Wise handled to shed her burning clothing and leave her animals and child, who is handicapped, from the burning structure while her other children went to a next-door neighbor’’ s to get assistance.


Wise stated:


” It ’ s something that you never ever desire your kids to see. Like, you simply being up in flames so I believe that part type of eliminated me even if it’’ s something I never ever desired them to need to go through.”

No joking!

We can’’ t even picture what a dreadful experience that should have been for all of them.

Wise wound up in the healthcare facility with 2nd- and third-degree burns over her whole body. Her pal Kathryn Bonesteel developed a GoFundMe page to support Wise and her household’’ s requirements. Explaining the event, Bonesteel composed:

” Kate remains in ICU in Austin, Texas. She’s lost her house, her kids are shocked and she requires significant plastic surgery. A single mommy, she’s lost the majority of her furnishings to smoke damage and other belongings to the fire.”

And they consisted of a picture of the burns. ONCE AGAIN, be cautioned these are graphic:

 single mom hand sanitizer burns Photos of Wise’s burns from the GoFundMe page./ (c) GoFundMe. hand sanitizer burns Photos of Wise’s burns from the GoFundMe page./ (c) GoFundMe.

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While the GoFundMe page is raising cash, Wise likewise intends to raise awareness so that others may prevent suffering the very same fate. Bonesteel shared on her behalf:

” COVID-19 has actually brought lots of risky items to our racks. A lot of which have actually not been correctly checked and are not safe. Beware of what you place on your body. Ensure what you are utilizing is FDA authorized.Since she acquired it from a shop she relied on, Kate relied on the item. Even if you purchased something from a shop you trust, does not indicate what they’re offering is relied on or safe.”

That’’ s VERY excellent suggestions — without any clear end in sight to the coronavirus pandemic, there’’ s sure to be lots of snake oil salespersons attempting to benefit from our worry to pass off inefficient or perhaps unsafe items (like, ahem, the President of the United States ). FDA authorized is absolutely the method to go. Keep in mind Perezcious readers: all hand sanitizer has (or need to have!) alcohol in it, so while this might be a freak mishap, it’’ s simply excellent practice to keep sterilizing and open flames different.

We’’ re wanting Kate a rapid healing, and will be keeping her and her children in our ideas!

[Image through Kathryn Bonesteel/ GoFundMe &&WENN/Avalon]

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