J Balvin Reveals His ‘Complicated’ & ‘Difficult’ Coronavirus Diagnosis: ‘I Got It Bad’

Oh no!!

J Balvin revealed on Thursday night that he has had “very difficult days” lately while recovering from his coronavirus diagnosis!

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While accepting an award during the Premios Juventud 2020 for his Rojo music video, the 35-year-old shared in Spanish with fans in a recorded message from Spain that he is still on the road to recovery:

“At this moment, I’m just getting better from COVID-19. These have been very difficult days, very complicated. Sometimes we won’t think that we’ll get it, but I got it and I got it bad.”

He urged his fans (below) to continue taking the virus seriously, adding:

“My message to those that follow me, young fans and people in general is to take care. This isn’t a joke. The virus is real and it’s dangerous.”

As of mid-March, Colombia has denied entry to those who are not citizens of the country, permanent residents, or diplomats. Per data from the New York Times, the country has had 433,805 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 14,145 deaths.

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On Friday J took to his personal Instagram to go into more detail about his experience with his fans.

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While he did not share much regarding his treatment process, something that has been helpful to the musician in his struggles with anxiety and depression is meditation. In a personal essay published in People, Balvin wrote in June:

“There are many ways that I have dealt with my mental health. I have gone to see doctors. I have taken medication. These things are essential. But one other method that has meant everything to me — and is the reason I’m writing this — is meditation.”

The Mi Gente artist continued (below):

“Meditation, to me, can be one of the key first steps in achieving mental and spiritual well-being. Why? Because in many ways it is the most natural step. Meditation is about opening your mind to self awareness. It’s about understanding that your mind isn’t just an idea — it’s a living, breathing thing, something that needs to be cared for and looked after. Meditation is the act of mental hygiene.”

Much like COVID-19, mental health struggles do not discriminate, he wrote:

“Mental health doesn’t care about your age, your race, your background; none of those things. It doesn’t care what you look like, or who you’re dating, or how much money you have in the bank. Of course, it’s different for each of us. But it affects all of us. The truth is, anyone in the world can struggle with their mental health. And yet not everyone is ready to accept this.”

Here’s hoping you’re feeling your best again ASAP!!

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