CHOP Zone Mob Holds Rally at Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s Home after She Pulls Support for Deadly Squatters’ Camp

Seattle leftists marched on Mayor Jenny Durkan’s home after she withdrew her support for the CHOP Zone. Durkan pulled her support for the squatters’ camp, after several shootings and at least two homicides.

City Council member Kshama Sawant, a committed socialist, joined the protest mob. Sawant opened city hall last month and allowed hundreds of BLM activists into the building to hold a rally.

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Here’s more video from the socialist rally.
Sawant wants Durkan to step down. She’s not radical enough!

The Blaze reported:
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan expressed outrage after Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at her home Sunday afternoon, despite her previous support and defense of the “CHOP” encampment.

Protesters targeted her home after Durkan announced last week that the city would no longer support the Capitol Hill Organized Protest encampment and would seek to remove the concrete barriers that helped define the autonomous zone. But the CHOP remains intact.

Durkan released a statement expressing her anger at the protest. She was especially upset that Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant had joined the protesters at her home.