Band 9 Sample for Common IELTS Speaking Part Topic with Audio – Topic: Cooking Do you like cooking?

Moderately. Because I’’ m a vegetarian in a town with couple of alternatives, I’ve no alternative however to prepare for myself. I would not state that I enjoy it, however it is growing on me (beginning to like). When my own mixtures turn out well, I feel achieved!

.2. How frequently do you prepare?

Pretty much everyday. Given that I’’ m a hectic bee( hectic individual), I generally prepare meals for the week on Sunday afternoons. I prep some tofu, beans, and rice then simply warm them up with some stir-fried veggies throughout the week.

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.3. How great are you at cooking?/ What meal are you finest at cooking?

I would consider myself to be typical. I’’ ve mastered some meals, however might still utilize work (requirement to practice) on others. I’’ m rather excellent at preparing veggie curry and falafel. When I have visitors, that it what I typically prepare.

.4. What cooking experience have you had?

Not excessive really; it’’ s been self-created. When I was a kid so I never ever discovered from her or my moms and dads, my household had a housemaid. As I grew older, I began to search for more dishes online from websites like Tasty and after that attempted them out on my own. It’’ s been experimentation (knowing by stopping working and attempting!

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.5. Does anybody in your household like to prepare?

Not truly. I can keep in mind that my grandma took pleasure in amusing and preparing food for friends and family. I noticeably remember her corned beef and cabbage. She passed away when I was rather young along with that custom.

.6. Who taught you how to prepare?

No one actually, considering my member of the family do not prepare and I didn’t have a close relationship with the maid. I taught myself thanks to facebook and online pages with video tutorials like Tasty.

.7. When you were a kid, did you ever assist your moms and dads to prepare a meal?

Very seldom. There were a couple of occurrences in which our house cleaner might not make it, so then my moms and dads would prepare for us. I can just remember one time that I assisted them things dumplings prior to boiling them.

.8. Do you wish to find out how to prepare?

Yes I do! I wish to keep enhancing the abilities that I have. I desire to find out how to prepare Chinese design dumplings and Polish pirogies, which are amongst my preferred foods.

.9. Who generally do the cooking in your house?

As I live alone, now simply me. I consume at house almost daily and typically welcome my pals over for meals on weekends.

.10. Who is the very best cook you understand?

My ex partner. He had magic hands! Whatever he prepared was loaded with (filled with) taste and never ever missing out on anything. I was fortunate to have actually been with him for 4 years!

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